Halloween Spooktacular

50% discount on teens for subscribers!

This batch we now have teens marked with a “T” so you can easily find the tallest plants in inventory. Newsletter subscribers will receive a 50% discount on teens through the end of November. Please make sure to mention it when ordering.

Two weeks ago we lost an employee and close friend of mine, Clay, at age 30 due to an untreated head injury. You may have met him recently making deliveries. He was a good friend to a couple other people here as well and the loss has been profound in our personal lives and for the organization.

Clay was a great friend and will not be soon forgotten.

Despite our grief it makes me happy to say we have brought on a couple more people to help as we continue to grow. Most of you will now be meeting with Jessyca and Tara will be helping with plant maintenance behind the scenes. 

Thanks to your continued business 6 people have the opportunity to enjoy the work they do and support their families and we are grateful!

Anyway here’s what’s in stock now:

September 14th Batch Release

I’m glad Fall is finally almost here. The leaves are starting to turn in the UP and that means my power bill will finally get a break 🥵.

This last week marked the start of preorders, which means now if there is something that’s out of stock you can place a pre-order with 50% down via Cash App.

The following numbers are accurate as of noon Monday morning. Some of these will sell out faster than others. I’ve been working to build up the most popular strains (like Gorilla Glue) but I still have work to do.

Also this past week I brought on a reliable friend to help with sales and deliveries, so you likely will be talking to or meeting with Tina for your next order. I’m available for any questions she can’t answer but she’s very intelligent and gregarious so I think it’s going to go well!


August 24th Batch Release

August 24th Batch Release

After adding the new clones in here is my current list.

In addition to this I have 15 Bruce Banner and 21 Sour Kush that are taller from the last round that are available only to newsletter subscribers. So make sure to ask about them when you call or text. 517-917-0515

July 10th Batch

This batch is going to be a little smaller than normal so it will sell out quickly. I had to let the plants rest on this round combined with a larger than normal death rate because frankly I was pushing them too hard to produce for the outside growers in June.

I’m also cutting the new batch today so it will be a little more than 2 weeks and new stock will be available again.

Ayahuasca Purple
Black Destroyer
OG Kush
Purple Urkle

Gorilla Glue
Sour Haze Berry
Strawberry Snow Cone

Animal Cookies
Berry Fingerz
Death Star
Ethos Cookies
Poisonous Pineapples
Skunk Spray Chem
Sweet Tart
Willie’s Punch
Wizard’s Glue
Zeus’ Fingerz

I apologize in advance if you call and the strain you want is sold out. I’ve experienced unprecedented growth this year with the quarantine and I’ve been struggling to keep up but the good news is my new mothers are looking excellent and this next round I should have plenty. In these uncertain times I am very thankful to you for giving me such good problems to deal with! 🙂